Guar Gum is used as Thickener in Textile Printing. Plain or raw guar gum is not suitable for printing, so derivatives of Natural Guar Gum are chemically modified to make Guar Gum suitable for Textile Printing.


Rapid viscosity development.
High color yield.
Sharp and level printing
Better penetration in print.
Choking free screens.
Viscosity stability under shear conditions.
Excellent wash-off property.
Good hand feel.
Good stability of stock paste & even keeps the paste for a long time.

These are our Standard Product. We also provide solution and product as per client's requirement.
Particulars Values Values Values Values Values
ACID DYES & METAL COMPLEX Polyamide, Wool, Lycra and Silk DTEX 3508 Non Ionic 8% 30000 – 35000 cps
DTEX 3508 Non Ionic 12% 30000 – 35000 cps
REACTIVE DYES Cellulose, Cotton, Rayon, Viscose DTEX 3508 Non Ionic 3% 20000 – 25000 cps
GTEX 2004 Anionic 4% 20000 – 25000 cps