Pioneer in Hydrocolloid Business

JD Gum and Chemicals is an Export and Manufacturing Company involved in Natural and Modified Hydrocolloids of Cassia, Guar and Tamarind Gum for Food, Pet Food, Textile Printing and other Industrial Purposes. Its application as Feed Ingredients as well. Each Division having set up a separate process house and in-house laboratory. Assuring our clients deliver top quality products.

The Company is partnership owned company established in 2013. The Partners having experience of more than 20 Years in Hydrocolloids. We have advanced at rapid pace in food technology, and continue to advance putting effort on R&D.

Our company stands strongly on these ideological pillars.
Deliver Quality product with consistency.
Timely Delivery.
Constant R&D in products.
Updated Technology.
Promote local and social economic growth.
The success of our company is the result of great effort Teamwork of Skilled Personnel, Technical Staffs, Management and QAQC management.

JD Gums & Chemicals