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DTEX 3508

DTEX 3508 is specially Modified Monogalctomannon/ Depolymerized Guar developed for Polyamides Fabrics like Wool, Lycra and Silk with Acid and Metal Complex Dyes. It can also be used with Cationic Dyes on Acrylic Fabric for Carpet and Blanket Printing.

Quality Specification Detail


Depolymerized Guar


Pale Yellow Powder

Ionic Nature

Non -Ionic


Cold Water Soluble

Viscosity 8% solution at 25oc  *

30000 – 35000 cps


6.0 – 8.0

Filtration through 250#



10 ± 2%

Hydration Time

3 -4 Hrs.

Stock Paste Stability

5-7 Days

*Viscosity is determined by Brookfield Viscometer RVDV-E model

Stock Paste Preparation  

Paste Preparation of



100 KG

8 Kg

92 Kg




In well cleaned container take 92 Kg cold water and add 8 Kg powder gradually under constant high speed stirring for 30 minutes. Uniformity of paste should be observed.  Then leave this stock paste for 3-4 hours (Swelling Time) for hydration. To reduce the Swelling time use mild warm water. Stir the stock paste well before use. All the required auxiliaries to be added after complete swelling time.


  • Rapid viscosity development.
  • High color yield.
  • Sharp and level printing
  • Better penetration in print.
  • Choking free screens.
  • Viscosity stability under shear conditions.
  • Excellent wash-off property.
  • Good hand feel.
  • Good stability of stock paste & even keeps the paste for a long time.


  • Customers need to test the product on their own depending on their process, use and suitability.  We do not guarantee the loss caused by use, process and handling of the product. Above knowledge acts a guideline only.

Packing:  25 Kg HDPE Laminated Paper Bags with PE lining.

Storage and Shelf life: Sealed bags under normal conditions for 6 months.