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Natural Sesame Seeds

Botanical Name
Sesamum Indicum
English Name
Natural Sesame Seeds
Indian Name
Whitish Til
Family Name

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of natural white sesame seeds in India. We offer the finest quality Seeds which are whole and nutty Sesame seed.

Our resources include skilled and efficient crop cultivators who harvest their crops in top quality soils. The origin of these natural white sesame seeds are from the top quality soils.

Sesame seeds are largely served in bakery products such as breads, bread sticks, cookies, candies, pasta, vegetables & curry dishes. The toasted variety of natural sesame seeds are used in chocolate, ice-cream and halva. Our natural sesame seeds are cholesterol free which makes it altogether healthy & nourishing.

Foods fried in sesame oil have a log shelf life because the oil contains an antioxidant called “sesamol”. The oil can be used in the manufacture of soaps, paints, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and insecticides .

Harvesting Season

Dec to March