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Fennel Seeds

Botanical Name
Foeniculum Vulgare Miller
English Name
Funnel Seeds
Indian Name
Family Name
Other Name

Fennel is a pleasant-smelling, perennial herb having yellow flowers. These seeds are pale green in colour and possess a faintly sweet, refreshing flavour. It is both a spice and an herb and every part of it is edible. In India consumption of Fennel seed increases in the month of March to June. These days are generally hot, and Fennel seeds contains cool and refreshner taste.

Uses of Fennel Seeds:

fennel seeds are a very crucial ingredient in many seasoning blends of Italy, China, Scandinavia, etc. They are a commonly used ingredient in the Italian sausages and also in rye balls and meat breads.

In india Fennel is used in food, medicines, liquors, perfumery, also exported in the form including seeds, powder & volatile oil.


February to April