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Tamarind Gum Powder

Tamarind Kernel Powder is derived from the plant TamarindusIndica. Tamarind Kernel powder has excellent water absorption property and high viscosity as well. It is applied as thickening agent in sizing process of textile industry and printing industry. It is also applied in pharma industry for its binding property. Tamarind Seeds are methodically ground to powder conserving their nutritious properties, than these seeds are roasted and decorticated. The kernels of these seeds are separated by color sorter to obtain, rich tamarind kernel powder.

Tamarind kernel powder properties:

  • Galactoxyloglucan polysaccharide 55%-60%
  • Lipids 6%
  • Proteins 15-20% and also contains some percentage of Sugar, D-mannose and D-galactose

Quality Specification Detail

Constitution Galactoxyloglucan polysaccharide
Appearance Creamy White
Ionic Nature Non Ionic
Solubility Hot Water Soluble
Viscosity 8% solution at 25oC  * Above 100000 cps
pH 6.5 – 7.5
Filtration through 45 Micron 100%
Moisture Less than 8%

20ppm Max
Ash 3% Max
Acid Insoluble 0.3%  Max
Crude Fiber 1% – 2%
Oil Content 3% - 7%
Fat 6% - 8%
Insoluble Residue 1% Max
*Viscosity is determined by Brookfield Viscometer RVDV-E model


  • It is widely used as textile printing thickener.
  • It has excellent penetration & fiber forming property. It is effectively used for sizing in dyeing & printing Industry.
  • It is used as a sizing material in paper industry. It increases the tensile strength of paper and ensures regular distribution of pulp fiber.
  • It is also used for sizing in jute yarn & cotton wraps.
  • It is used as a binder in slurry explosive as a substitute for guar gum.
  • It is very effectively used these days by oil drilling companies as Soil Stabilizer.
  • It is used as a core binder in foundries.
  • It is also used as an extender in plywood industries in UF glue.